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Questioning gender roles Promoting Young People

An effective promotion of young talent requires close cooperation of employers and educational institutions. This should start at childhood and extend through high school all the way up to college and university.

Special focus on young talent

The objective must be to:

  • to change the mindset concerning what is considered to be „typical“ male and female interests or role models;
  • to acquaint girls and young women with less familiar fields such as mathematics, informatics, science and technology;
  • to attract young talent to the own organization and industry.

How can employers and educational institutions collaborate?

Close and stable collaboration allows not only an intensive exchange of know-how and experience but also supports the development of tailor-made options. Such a cooperation can take on different forms: Company representatives can give presentations and conduct workshops at educational institutions; companies can host high school or college students at their sites; companies and educational institutions can cooperate on educational content or the establishment of sponsorships or scholarship programs.

What are key success factors?

  • Focus on key decision points like choice of school or college major.
  • Start promote relevant values like equal opportunity and fair-mindedness or leadership skills in general at an early stage.
  • Win political decision makers and private sponsors as supporters.

Tips for smaller organizations

  • Focus on specific educational institutions and concentrate on your specific region.
  • Consider integrating other companies into your collaboration with educational institutions.
  • Exploit the advantage of smaller size: Take advantage of the accessibility of leaders and role models.