Person erstellt ein Reporting am Laptop

Making progress measurable Reporting and Monitoring

Many organizations have undertaken to raise the share of women in their leadership teams by a certain margin. To monitor progress, relevant data must be collected and evaluated.

What is a suitable approach to data collection?

Periodic reporting on applications and placements establishes transparency and illustrates changes in gender balance at different management levels. Data capture and evaluation primarily relies on appropriate structures in a company’s HR and IT functions. The reporting offers the necessary basis for a fact-based discussion on gender balance. When targets are missed, promotional efforts need to be reviewed.

What are key success factors?

  • Key indicators need to reflect the organizational context.
  • The necessary resources need to be allocated to assure data capture and evaluation.
  • Results are communicated in a timely and transparent manner.

Tips for smaller organizations

  • In smaller organizations, data capture is likely to be less complex. Lacking central databanks, however, KPIs need to be generated manually.
  • Interns can be tasked with collecting the data. The task of monthly or quarterly monitoring can be delegated to the individual departments.