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It is an established fact that companies benefit from mixed teams: Better gender balance at the top contributes to better performance, increased competitiveness and thus improved profitability.

At WAREMA Renkhoff, we are largely science and technology driven, which means that women are still the minority in our specific talent pool. There can be no doubt that we need more women especially in the metal and electronics industries to reap diversity’s benefits also at the leadership level. This is why we have been actively promoting a better gender balance for a number of years. And given the demographic changes around us, we simply can not afford not to tap the potential which well educated, highly qualified women represent.

Angelique Renkhoff-Mücke, CEO of Warema Renkhoff
Warema Renkhoff
Angelique Renkhoff-Mücke

„I am convinced that it takes a holistic approach to systematically promote women in the business world. We have a long and probably difficult way to go before all participants demonstrate the recognition and willingness it takes.“


At WAREMA, we are constantly working on paving the way for women to enter into professional careers. We offer career development support and attractive jobs, believing that family orientation and the promotion of women need to be inextricably linked.

Development opportunities during parenting leave and the specific promotion of women managers support our clear goal to raise the share of women in our management in the medium term

  • The program ‘Women in Management’, offered by our industry association ‘bayme vbm’, is an important element which for instance partners talented women with experienced mentors. The program also includes different workshops which help improve communication, tap potential and increase the acceptance of this topic.
  • WAREMA offers directed at helping employees reconcile personal and professional obligations include vacation camps for children, more than 100 different part-time work models and home office options.
  • These internal measures must go along with the establishment of conducive conditions throughout society, ranging from a more family oriented infrastructure all the way to the acceptance of changed role models for men and women.
  • There are countless open and hidden obstacles that still make it difficult for women today to freely pursue their personal careers. It is our objective to actively and sustainably contribute to the establishment of equal opportunity for all, men and women.

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