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Our strategic human resources planning shows very clearly that we need women in our workforce today more than ever.

We therefore assure that men and women have the same development opportunities from the time they join our company all the way up to higher hierarchy levels. For us it is very clear: Companies benefit from women in leadership positions. Being part of the ‘Chefsache’ initiative helps us to drive the issue of gender balance in top management positions and thus raise public awareness for this topic.

Joe Kaeser CEO of Siemens
Joe Kaeser

„The ‘Chefsache’ initiative is chefsache because the development, advancement and leadership of employees can not be delegated.“

Our track record

  • Our Diversity Initiative at Siemens is in its sixth year; establishment of a Chief Diversity Officer function (global responsibility for function and department)
  • Awareness Events focused on diversity across most of our key 30 countries and business units
  • Establishment of a global diversity scorecard with clearly defined KPI’s
  • More than 80 active diversity networks worldwide
  • DAX30 CDO Summit initiated by Siemens, supported by Catalyst
  • Sponsorship and strategic partnership for instance with Catalyst and ‘Charta der Vielfalt’
  • Implementation of diversity principles in HR processes. The result: Since 2002, the share of women in our worldwide management has almost doubled to 15.6%. Since 2004, Siemens has received more than 100 diversity awards, certificates and recognitions.
  • We offer a broad portfolio of measures supporting a better work-life-balance


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