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As a technology and service driven company, we see teams uniting different age groups, national backgrounds, genders and work styles as a catalyst driving our innovativeness at Bosch.

Our company files thousands of patents worldwide each year. We therefore rely on global diversity management to promote the appreciation of diversity and individualistic career paths in a sustainable manner.

Strengthening Germany’s economic leadership position requires a stronger presence of women in upper management. As a “Chefsache” member, Bosch seeks to contribute towards this goal, share experiences and promote a holistic approach in industry, politics and society.

Christoph Kübel Managing Director and Labour Director at Bosch
Robert Bosch GmbH
Christoph Kübel
Managing Director and Labour Director

„Germany needs more female bosses. That is why Bosch joined ‘Chefsache’ to help drive societal change.“

Diversity at Bosch

Our appreciation for cultural diversity at Bosch goes back all the way to the company’s founder Robert Bosch and has since become a firmly established element of our corporate strategy. But the significance of diversity in our company extends beyond the purely strategic relevance. The appreciation of different mind sets, life designs and backgrounds signals a company culture based on values. Our values are the foundation of our recently revised mission statement “We are Bosch”, encapsulating our entrepreneurial identity.

By 2020 we want to have grown the share of women in leadership positions in our technology and service focused company to 20 percent. Currently, we have reached a share of 13 percent overall, with some countries already surpassing our goal. Bosch offers special mentoring programs, networks, seminars and trainings supporting women throughout their career paths. Different worktime models cater to the different needs of employees across countries, business units and cultural boundaries. Different work options also help to level the playing field for men and women when it comes to career opportunities.

As a result of these efforts, Bosch has been recognized as Germany’s most family friendly large enterprise in 2012 and was recipient of the German Diversity Award in 2013.

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