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Our society is becoming more diverse. We believe that this cultural change opens up new opportunities. We want our employees to reflect the diversity of our customers and business partners. The men and women working at innogy come from different countries, cultures and generations. With their wide range of personalities and perspectives, our employees help us identify and understand a variety of customer needs and address these on an individual level.

At innogy, we are committed to a respectful, open corporate culture that allows both male and female employees to realise their full potential and make the most of their unique qualities. We see diversity management as one of the core strategic tasks of the executive and believe that this is the key to enhanced efficiency and performance over the long term.

Portrait of Uwe Tigges
Uwe Tigges
Chief Executive Officer

“We have set ourselves the goal of increasing the numbers of women in management positions. This is why we encourage talented employees with a tailored programme. Diversity means a whole lot more to us though: heterogeneous, intercultural teams made up of women and men of different ages are what give our company the edge.“


  • 2017: Signatory and active member of the Diversity Charter
  • 2017: Organiser of the German Diversity Day. With the slogan, “Diversity not simplicity – cultural competencies for economic success”, the Group welcomed senior managers from the companies in the Diversity Network Rhine-Ruhr in Mülheim
  • 2017: International innogy Diversity Day with around 150 executives participating from the entire innogy Group; the focus was on diversity as more than gender and equal opportunities
  • 2018: Founding member of the Cross Mentoring Initiative IWiL (Initiative Women into Leadership)

Goals of HR processes

  • One of innogy’s highest priorities is to bring more women into executive positions. The Board has defined specific measures in order to achieve this goal. The target placement quota of women in senior management positions is on average 40 percent for the innogy Group. By mid-2022, the percentage of women in senior management levels 1 and 2 below the board at innogy SE is to be raised significantly: the targets are 25% in level 1 and 20% in level 2. To meet these requirements, there must be at least one woman on the shortlist during the recruitment process; if this is not the case, we will recruit external candidates.

Selected measures:

  • Women’s Network: Our Women’s Network has been in existence for over ten years. It brings together over 500 women across borders, hierarchies and functions. Through annual conferences and working groups, the network promotes Group-wide discussions on the current challenges in the energy industry and motivates women to pursue their own career paths.
  • MINT women (STEM women) unites women who specialise in the natural sciences and technical subjects within our Group. This increases the visibility of women in science and technology jobs, in which they are still under-represented. We provide them with a communication platform for career development and networking. In addition, the group organises a mentoring programme for women in STEM subjects.
  • Women on the Supervisory Board – We are committed to paving the way towards seats on the Supervisory Board for women. We also offer needs-based training for this purpose.
  • Unconscious Bias Trainings – We organise training programmes for executives and employees that point out unconscious bias and thus prevent errors of judgement with regard to job appointments, performance evaluations and assessments or promotions.
  • Job Rotation – Through temporary job rotations and opportunities to switch jobs, we give employees the opportunity to develop themselves in intercultural, interdisciplinary exchange or in executive positions. These initiatives have the support of top-level management. One of our divisional directors even offered up his job for exchange last year.
  • Support for families – We have arranged various measures that help employees balance their professional and family commitments more effectively. These cover a range of areas from pregnancy to nursing care and include daily support such as childcare during school holidays and urgent advice regarding the care of an elderly relative. Our priority is for employees to reconcile their careers and private lives.
  • Flexible working in an innovative work culture – Our Group-wide NWoW (New Ways of Working) programme is a wide-ranging skills development programme. It equips employees and executives with the relevant knowledge and necessary tools to realise their full potential. This year, we want to continue our rollout of NWoW. Since its 2014 launch, 27,000 employees in six countries have already completed the programme.

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