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Diversity is a vital cornerstone of Deutsche Telekom’s corporate and human resources strategies.

Its combined workforce features a great diversity of cultures, ideas and talents. We wish to promote this diversity, and to profit from the creativity and innovation it offers. This is why we make our voice heard on behalf of diversity and equal opportunity. Diversity is a key driver for change in our corporate culture – and our diversity promotes openness and respect in our society as a whole.

We offer talented people, in various phases of life, a wide variety of opportunities to develop professionally and personally. We offer attractive work environments and flexible working conditions in which both women and men can achieve a good work-life balance. Diversity does this when we establish a culture in which individual skills and lifestyles are tolerated, respected and esteemed. Deutsche Telekom’s Diversity Management applies a holistic approach that covers all the core dimensions of diversity.

Since as early as 2010, Deutsche Telekom has been aiming, of its own accord, to have 30 percent of its management positions be filled by women Group-wide. This target has already been exceeded in the Group’s Supervisory Board; 35 percent of its members are now women. Significant progress has been made throughout the Group as well. Over the same period, the proportion of women in middle and senior management positions has risen by one third.

Birgit Bohle, Chief Human Resources Officer and Labor Director
Deutsche Telekom
Birgit Bohle
Chief Human Resources Officer and Labor Director

„In the future, we will be more dependent than ever before on making sure we have the most possible diversity within our teams: we achieve better results when differing ideas, perspectives and approaches are exposed to one another. Constant change has become characteristic of our working lives, and so we have to be open to what’s new. The Chefsache initiative aims to promote these new ways of thinking and doing.“


  • 2006: Founding member of the Diversity Charter
  • 2006: Introduction of the Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct is the guiding framework for everyone in the Deutsche Telekom Group. It links our aim to comply fully with the law with our own special requirements pertaining to ethical behavior and with the five Guiding Principles that facilitate and safeguard our business success. For us, the Code is a standard to follow; for people we deal with externally, it is a promise.
  • 2009: Group-wide launch of the Guiding Principles
  • 2015: Implementation of Unconscious Bias Workshops
  • 2016: German Diversity Day: In an event featuring the motto “Diversity makes the difference – cultural skills for business success,” Deutsche Telekom welcomed managers from the enterprises in the Rhine-Ruhr Diversity Network to its company headquarters in Bonn.
  • 2016: Gradual implementation of flexible working environments (future work) in the Group headquarters

Examples from the HR process

  • 30 % quota for women in legal units of supervisory boards, managing boards and management levels 1 and 2
  • Flexible working conditions and working environments
  • Flexitime; part-time employment and guaranteed right of return to full time; phased retirement; family care leave
  • Time off / leave
  • Lifetime work accounts, unpaid vacation, parental leave, caregiver leave, educational leave
  • Tandem models
  • Flexible working arrangements (future work)
  • Working from home or on the go
  • At Deutsche Telekom, we place high priority on enabling our employees to balance their work and family lives. In keeping with this priority, at many of its locations it offers in-house child daycare facilities or “parent-child offices”.

Selected diversity measures

  • Unconscious Bias Workshops: More than 130 workshops (on-site and WebEx) for employees in 2016. The possibility of including their content in our Welcome@Telekom events is being reviewed.
  • Supervisory Board Readiness Program: A program that prepares women in management positions for seats on supervisory boards.
  • Achieving a good work-life balance: As part of its systematic efforts to develop female talent for management positions, Deutsche Telekom has been expanding its work-life balance program. In this vein, it has been expanding its parental leave models, flexible working time models and childcare offers.
  • “Generation @ Telekom”: Equipping the company for the challenges of demographic change, which will alter workforce and population structures in lasting ways. The relevant measures include:
    “Reverse mentoring,” which promotes know-how exchange and understanding between generations
    Promotion of health awareness, and provision of suitable offers

    • Children’s Day – a chance for employees’ children and grandchildren to experience the place where their parents or grandparents work
    • Flexible working time models, and options to take time out to care for relatives
    • Arrangements that can accommodate different phases of life / individual circumstances
    • Mentoring for students on STEM study programs

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