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A culture of diversity and equal opportunity strengthens our innovation power and adaptability on the market – a decisive competitive factor for the Lufthansa Group.

Moreover, corporate diversity promotes the development of creativity and also opens up our corporate culture to embrace different values, attitudes and life realities. We view this as the basis of our modern service culture and the necessary proximity to our customers.

Lufthansa aims to have as many different perspectives and experience spectrums as possible in every team and decision-making and planning committee in order to fully exploit the performance potential that exists within the Group.

Dr. Bettina Volkens, Member of the Executive Board, Chief Officer Corporate Human Resources and Legal Affairs of Deutsche Lufthansa
Deutsche Lufthansa
Dr. Bettina Volkens
Member of the Executive Board, Chief Officer Corporate Human Resources and Legal Affairs

„For us, diversity means great variety, inventiveness, internationality, and different perspectives. We want mixed teams on every level and thus women on every management level.“

Framework conditions

  • Contribution and signatory of the Charta of Diversity including a voluntary self-commitment to a women’s quota in senior management positions
  • Installation of a group-wide “Diversity Core Group Team” for the further development and introduction of measures
  • A group-wide commitment towards joint global diversity objectives, which go beyond the statutory requirements

Examples from the HR process

  • Diversity criteria anchored in position appointment processes for senior management: at least one woman on each shortlist
  • Diversity as a pillar of the Lufthansa Group Talent Management philosophy
  • Introduction of diversity KPIs and reporting for the creation of more transparency and awareness
  • The acceptance and perception of diversity and inclusion are measured using the employee survey

Selected measures

  • Targeted development of a succession plan and promotion of women in and below management positions
  • “Go Ahead” development and mentoring programme for women
  • Communication initiative for greater attention and awareness of diversity
  • Expansion of the programmes for a better work/life balance (greater flexibility of working hours and locations, including for senior managers, part-time and job-sharing, family service programmes, holiday childcare etc.)

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