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As biggest funding organization in the social sector and social lottery, Aktion Mensch and its approximately 300 employees are dedicated to inclusion – i.e. the natural togetherness of people with and without disabilities in the society.

Within the past five decades Aktion Mensch has passed more than 3.9 billion Euro to social projects and has promoted inclusion with activities and campaigns. This has been facilitated by approximately four million ticket owners who regularly take part in our lottery.

For us, inclusion means equal opportunities for each and every person to be involved in all aspects of life and contribute his or her individual strengths. We consider this diversity a great asset for society as well as for our organization. Different perspectives and talents foster creativity, openness and thus the success of the company. This of course also includes equal opportunities for men and women in leading positions – a topic the initiative “Chefsache” is raising public awareness for. We want to contribute to the network with our experiences in the field of diversity, use the opportunity to exchange with other participants and gather new impulses for our work.

Armin von Buttlar Managing Board of Aktion Mensch
Aktion Mensch
Armin von Buttlar
Managing Board

„Creating equal opportunities for men and women also has a lot to do with inclusion – which is our core topic. We want a natural interaction in our society. Differences shall be accepted and diversity perceived as enriching. This is what our organization stands for. This is what we live within our company culture.“


Equal opportunities for men and women are an important concern for us. This includes structural transparency as well as equal career prospects. With an overall female share of 64.5 per cent, 43 per cent of the leading positions at Aktion Mensch (including management) are held by women. In deputy positions, women even account for 73 per cent. More than 10 per cent of the employees at Aktion Mensch have a disability, more than half of them are women.

Aktion Mensch also confirms its commitment to diversity in working life beyond its own company walls: In 2015, we have signed the “Diversity Charter”. We also want to convince other companies and organizations of the opportunities of inclusion and diversity. Therefore, our chairman Armin v. Buttlar acts as a jury member at the annual presentation of the Business Forum’s award for inclusion. Moreover, we annually present our “Barometer of Inclusion”, a study on the current state of inclusion in the German business world.

HR process examples

  • We support women and men in leading positions to enhance their reconciliation of work and family life with tailor-made part-time working models. These measures also help to prevent women from having to interrupt their working career due to family reasons. The family-friendly culture at Aktion Mensch benefits all employees: In recent years, also an increasing number of men is making use of the opportunity to take parental leave.
  • Equal opportunities for women are just one aspect of inclusion and diversity: At the same time, we aim to offer disabled male and female employees attractive specialist and leading positions according to qualification.

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