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Initiative Chefsache

The ‘Chefsache’ Initiative

‘Chefsache’ is a network of leaders from industry and science, the public sector and the media personally committed to make gender balance a top management priority. The ‘Chefsache’ initiative is committed to lead by example, exploring new concepts and approaches to promote the required change of mind-set throughout society.

About the initiative

“Chefsache. Drive the Change – For Men and Women” is a network advocating equal opportunities for men and women, including in top management positions. Business executives as well as leaders from scientific institutions, academia, social services, the public sector and the media are giving new impetus for cultural change in Germany’s top tier.

Official sponsor: Angela Merkel, German Chancellor

At the kick-off meeting in Berlin on July 13, 2015, German Chancellor Angela Merkel endorsed ‘Chefsache’ and its mission as the initiative’s official sponsor.


Together for equal opportunities – that is the mission that unites the managers and board members of companies of diverse sizes from a broad range of sectors as well as leaders from scientific institutions, social services, and the public sector. They are the drivers of the Chefsache initiative.