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How can companies or organizations enhance the gender balance of their leadership teams? Are there tried and tested approaches and best practices? On this website, „Chefsache“ Initiative members share their experiences.

The activities featured here have been implemented by at least one if not several of the member companies – and have proven successful. The individual implementation can vary depending on context. Our best practice examples illustrate how theoretical concepts can be applied in every-day reality. Overlapping and mutually re-enforcing success drivers contribute to a measurable diversity improvement.

Up and Coming Talent

Fostering young talent:

Executive Development

Supporting employee development:

Organizational Culture

Organizational values and structures :

Career and Private Life

Aligning career and private obligations – for women and men.:

How we assess our individual demand?

You are not quite sure how to start? The choice of measures is bound to differ from one organization to the other. It is best to start with an individual demand assessment.

How do we implement measures in practice?

Find out how “Chefsache” Initiative members have created their individual success stories. And do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or your own hands-on example: mitgestalten@initiative-chefsache.de.

How do individual measures add up to a strategy?

Individual measures often overlap and become most effective when they mutually reinforce each other. Find out in our Portraits how “Chefsache” Initiative members have gone about coordinating their activities.

Help us expand the collection and refine our approaches. Working together, we can learn and benefit from each other while we drive the change – for both women and men. We look forward to your insights and suggestions: mitgestalten@initiative-chefsache.de.